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10 Home Safety Measures To Take When You Go On a Vacation

When a person is on vacation their home is an open invitation for thieves. No one is home to call the cops or report the incident for a number of days. There are 10 ways that a person can help protect their home while they are on vacation and keep thieves away. These tips will help prevent criminal activity from happening and make sure that the home is safe and secure.
.1 Use CCTV to help monitor the home
These cameras are able to record all activity. If a burglar sees the camera they will often move onto the next home. A person can also view their home from an internet connection with a smart phone or computer. They can see their home even if they are not there. These cameras also record so if there is an incident it is caught on tape. As long as a person has internet connection they will be able to keep an eye on their home with their smart device.
.2 Hold the Mail
If there is mail building up in the box it is a sign that no one is home. Call the post office and ask them to hold until the mail until the vacation is over. This can even be done online. All a person has to do is fill in the start and stop dates for the mail and it will be held free of charge.
.3 Stop the Newspaper
A number of papers outside will also allow criminals to know that no one is home. For the time being stop the delivery of the paper until the vacation is over.
.4 Leave Signs of Life
Even when no one is there make it look like people are home. Put the lights on timers so they will turn on at night and go off in the morning. Modern televisions can also be set on timers so it can appear that someone is home. This will help keep criminals away.
.5 Trim the Lawn
If the grass to the home looks overgrown it can be a sign that no one is around. If a person is going on vacation they should schedule for their grass to be cut. This will help give the illusion that the home is operating as normal.
.6 Double Check the Locks
This may sound simple but many people forget to make sure both the doors and the windows are locked. Even the upstairs windows should be locked. Make sure the home security system is turned on just in case someone would try to get in.
.7 Keep it Quiet
With the popularity of social media a person may want to post vacation picture or their upcoming trip. What they are really telling people is that no one is going to be home. Wait until the trip has ended to post any pictures.
.8 Take the Key
Many people have a spare key located somewhere outside their home just in case they get locked out. Before heading out of town be sure to remove the key and put it inside the home. That way no one can get easy access to the home.
.9 Safe Keeping
Put all valuable items in a safe place. Hide all jewelry. When possible do not leave the cars outside. If a person does not see the car move in days they will know that the house is empty. Keep the cars in a garage or even pay for airport parking. There is security there to keep an eye on the car.
.10 Alert the Security Company
Even though a person will be able to see their home through the CCTV they should alert the company that provides the home security that the house will be empty. This way if something goes off they will know it is not an accident. They will be able to alert the police right away and stop the robbery in progress.
These are some things that a person can do to help protect their home and their belongings while they are on vacation. When the house is empty it is a prime target for criminal activity. By taking these measures including a home security system and a CCTV a person can help protect their home and make sure they know what is happening even when they are not there.